Goodbye to Tomorrow!


There are some, mainly barmy academics and ‘Armageddon Tourists’ (presumably without a return ticket), who think this is our last day! Today, 21-12-12 is the day ‘Preppers’ (survivalists) in more remote parts of the USA start to open the tins of food they’ve been saving since the early sixties. As it’s too late for me to be saved by a UFO in the tiny (but suddenly crowded) village of Bugarach in the South of France I shall take my chances. After all I’ve done my Christmas shopping…

If some people have their way
This will be our last today!
Those of us who can speak Mayan
Think that they’ve been caught a-lie’n!
If tomorrow was not to be
I wouldn’t have bought a Christmas tree!
We don’t know when our time is up
So go ahead get that pup!
If I’m wrong it will be hard
“Goodbye tomorrow!” from the Baldock Bard!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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