Grandad – What’s a Bookcase?


Yesterday Mrs Bard and I helped Son-in-law and Daughter Bard move furniture. John and I struggled to move a large piece of furniture, the placement of which was proving to be a challenge. Having moved it for the last time we suddenly realized that the purpose of a bookcase/CD rack would be lost on future generations due to two pieces of technology…

Where would I be without my Kindle?
It carries far more books than I could,
I can take them all out to the grain store,
And if I wanted to, out to the wood!
Just under two hundred titles,
From travel to classics and more,
It’s almost too easy to buy them,
No bookcase is needed to store!

Where would I be without my i-phone?
My CD collection is there.
From Dance to Trance and Big Bands,
And even the soundtrack from ‘Hair’!
It would take 5.2 days to listen,
Without repeating a track,
Discs no more clutter the sideboard,
No need for a tall CD rack!

Grandchild Bard in the year 2040,
Finds a wooden rack in a shed,
It looks like it once was for storage,
But its use leads to scratching of head!
It was said you could tell someone’s intellect,
If their bookcase dwarfed their TV,
I’ve embraced the new way of doing,
There doesn’t seem much hope for me!

© Baldock Bard 2012

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