Great Games!


There were those who suggested the country couldn’t afford it. Those who suggested the country was fatally ethnically divided. Those who suggested an embarrassingly low medal haul. They stayed away and their voices of doom were replaced by a massive roar as the Games became a stage of hope, faith and a showcase of all that is Great about Britain. We can, we did and we will…

The party is over,
Clearing up has begun,
The crowd has dispersed,
All the medals are won!

What will I remember,
When time has passed by?
All problems forgotten,
A view through dry eye!

I hope I remember,
That moment of love,
Gemma Gibbons whispered ‘love you,’
To her mother above.

Local girl Pendleton,
Made a heart with her hands.
Tearfully retired,
Thanked all her fans.

That euphoric moment,
When the nation went wild.
Mo Farrah’s double Gold,
Shared with wife and their child.

What of transport chaos?
Empty seats and the weather?
Our national sport – grumbling,
We then pull together!

The tower and the stadium,
Back-drop to the news.
We’re back to a studio,
Blank walls with no views.

And now Monday morning,
Back to life with a sneer.
We emerge from a triumph,
Did it really happen here?

Thanks to Alastair Pawsey and Maxwell Heron for permission to use their photographs

© Baldock Bard 2012
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