Happy 2013!


What will 2013 bring to the table? Rather like a film sequel it has a hard act to follow. After a year of massive events the calendar looks a little bare. Like the morning after a party, perhaps this will be the year to take things a little easy and let the hangover and excess from 2012 subside…

New Year’s Day Morning,
Something’s awry,
The party is over,
I look to the sky!

Empty bottles abound,
Recycling box overflow,
Out to the bin,
With rubbish I go!

I make a hot coffee,
I’m now an old bloke,
I hardly take drink,
And I no longer smoke!

But something is wrong,
I don’t know why,
For the first time this year,
The path is all dry!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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