Magnetic Editorial Advice!


Since the dawn of the digital age, shortcuts have been made in ‘proper English’. The rot (as some daily newspapers would report) started with text messaging and continued with E-mail and un-edited websites. Writers in this digital frontier town no longer have to jump through hoops to be published and self-editing has seen wide variances in the application of grammar and spelling. At times I have been guilty as charged and my unofficial editor has taken steps to combat the problem…

I have a friend who lives in Kent,
To me for Christmas he has sent,
Some fridge magnets to teach me grammar,
Which attacks his nerves like a sledge-hammer!
In my defence I have to say,
I try my best every day,
To make more sense than the day before,
But now I have magnets I’ll try some more!
Thank-you Blair for that reminder,
Some will say you’ve played a blinder!
So please forgive this chink in my armour,
After all I’m only a farmer!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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