Harvest Crisis Averted!


Whilst researching on everyone’s favourite search engine for ‘When is Twelfth Night?’ I came across some useful facts. Most of these didn’t help in the decision to panic and eject the Christmas tree out of the back door, but one fact did possibly help shine a light on my poor wheat yields…

‘Take down all decorations by Twelfth Night,
or bad things will happen, won’t be right!
So we took down our decorations,
(some were made by Croatians!)
Dragged the tree out with some success,
more needles than the NHS!
and so it lies all forlorn,
before being deposited on the lawn.
This once-regal nordic tree,
now looks as sad as sad can be.
No lights, no tinsel or decorations await,
off for re-cycling near Baldock Gate!
Decorations packed away by midnight,
all in boxes out of sight,
‘If not by midnight’ spake the curse,
‘This years harvest will be your worst!’

Phew! Job done, harvest crisis averted!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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