The Old Friend!


January on the farm can be a stressful time. Following the festivities, reality strikes and you’re forced to review the future and make predictions that, if wrong, can seriously affect your business. However, if you are lucky, there is an old friend lurking in the cupboard…

Lurking in the cupboard I found an old friend,
the sweet brown contents would help me no end!
I’d spent the day on a forward cash-flow,
and needed something to help the figures grow!
I took a chunk (I didn’t dare take a bite!)
and all of a sudden things looked alright!
No difference in figures driving me around the bend,
but feeling happier thanks to my chocolate friend!

It then led me to ponder a most valuable crop – Cocoa Beans! (unfortunately not available here in the UK), but one is allowed to dream whilst eating chocolate! It is also the perfect way to forget those New Year resolutions.

© Baldock Bard 2017
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