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Last night we finished harvest. This year more than any other we are truly counting our blessings that we have a small farm, as all over the country there are many acres of wheat still to harvest. This is not only due to the wet summer, but also the wheat straw was still green while the seed was ripe. Modern harvesters require the straw to be dry in order to maximize throughput of the crop therefore covering vast areas in minimum time. By the time the straw was ready the grain was rapidly loosing both quality and value. As we only had a small acreage we were able to struggle on with greenish straw and get the grain while still good. The yields may not be record-breakers but everything is in the barn. The last crop to harvest were the beans…

Two questions that I’m always asked,
At this time of year:
“What’s that black crop in the field?”
Or “that crop looks dead I fear!”
That black crop is field beans,
Either planted winter or spring,
It’s what is known as a ‘break crop’,
Allows a rotation of crops to begin.
When harvested it’s dusty,
(But not in an air-con cab!)
We have to catch them before they fall out,
Beans left on the ground is bad!
Back in the barn they rattle,
Much noisier than wheat or oats,
In six months or so they will go,
To feed pigs, cattle or goats.
So now the harvest is over,
But there is just no time,
We’re already cultivating for next year,
(But that’s another day’s rhyme!)
© Baldock Bard 2012
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