The Cottage Back Door!


Staying with our friend in a cottage in Llanfachreth, North Wales, we went to look at a cottage he’d seen for sale. It looked too good to be true, and unfortunately it was. Everything that was good was immediately followed with a ‘but’ (there is a patio area overlooking the river, but it’s also the only place to park a car – one false move and car becomes boat!). It was also a beautiful sunny day, rose-coloured spectacles to the fore…

I’d love a cottage
A little Welsh cottage
With a river running right by the back door
And if I had that cottage
That little Welsh stone cottage
I’d be fishing with my rod from the back door

We looked at a cottage
A little Welsh cottage
Where the river flowed right by the back door
The price was bargain basement
I looked on with amazement
As the river flowed right by the same back door

I talked to some neighbours
Some very Welsh neighbours
They told me all about that very same back door
In winter it rains and snows
Flooding down the lane it flows
Through the front and out the same back door!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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