Harvest Worries!


Cherry CombineFarmers have a nasty habit of panicking if they happen to see their neighbours out on the field. This affliction is particularly common at this time of year. The ‘I’ve just seen a combine’ phone call can send farmers dashing to look at their own crops, just in case they have missed something on their last panic viewing! On Saturday I was running the boot sale when I spotted the tell-tale plume of dust followed by the appearance of Paul and John Cherry’s combine…

The dust announces the neighbours are harvesting,
And sends me quickly into a spin,
While I am busy at the boot sale,
They are getting their harvest in!

I must go and inspect my crops,
Even though I know the score!
I dash down to the furthest field,
The oats are just as they were before!

But what if by chance we could get the wheat?
Other fields have to be seen!
When I look closer at the crop,
The straw and ears are still quite green!

So I slunk off back down to the boot sale,
“Where did you dash to,” they all say?
“Did that green combine get you going?”
“Nah!” I replied, “I’m not bothered today!”

© Baldock Bard 2013
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