Watching Meteorites in a Dirty Sweatshirt!


Painting SweatshirtLast night Mrs Bard and I sat outside in the dark looking up at the sky. The news had said that from 10.30pm there would be a massive number of meteorites coming at us from the North East. The end result was rather disappointing as we only counted ten in an hour…

Sitting outside,
On two chairs facing North-East,
In the dark,
On a summer’s evening,
Looking up until your neck aches,
For a meteor shower.
Light pollution to the left of us,
Light pollution behind,
Lots of people don’t even know the sky exists,
Because of their precious street lights.
But where are the meteors,
Where is the shining tail as they,
Race across the nighttime sky,
Leaving just memories,
Of their death-throes
As they attempt fruitless entry.
My sweatshirt is painted like the night sky,
From a hundred swishes of the paintbrush,
On a ceiling some years ago.
But unlike the sky,
It can be seen by day
But not at night!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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