Hurrah! It’s Friday Again!


Bard!A reader from a foreign land recently e-mailed me asking for a ‘proper picture’ rather than somebody who looks faintly Elizabethan and hides behind a mask! As it’s Friday I thought I’d oblige as everyone has the weekend to get over the shock. I don’t know how welcome your Friday is, but here we have the bunting out…

Thank Heaven’s at last, Friday’s here!
It’s been a long week, let’s be clear,
That naughty fairy has been about,
Causing chaos and making me shout!
I under-ordered fertilizer by three tons,
Was caught in the town eating iced buns!
Broke my 4×4 by letting it boil,
Damaged the cultivator on the wet soil!
So if you see the fairy heading in my direction,
Please distract her by attracting her attention!
Tell her when she asks which way I went,
“He’s not at home, he’s gone to Gwent!”
If she arrives and I’m under the thumbscrew,
I’ll send the Muck-Up Fairy back to you!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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