The Gibbet – Now a Curio at Caxton!


The GibbetYesterday I drove a road that used to be so familiar. I knew that the historically-important pub next to the gibbet at Caxton, on the road to Cambridge, had become a Chinese restaurant. Then some years ago it unfortunately burnt to the ground. The pub had been the haunt of highway robbers since the 1700s. The land may have changed identity but the gibbet still stands…

At the crossroads stands the gibbet.

It’s use forgotten
or unknown by the illiterate
and historically stupid
motorists that pass.

They ignore its foreboding,
yet simple structure,
that used to stand,
for death by hanging.

It now stands,
as a curio at the entrance,
of a service area.

Twenty-first Century
Highway Robbery!

Delights the masses!
Caxton Gibbet
© Baldock Bard 2014
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