If Carlsberg did Health and Safety Advisors!


Liz PYesterday I had a visit from an advisor concerning Health and Safety. Normally anyone concerned with this most serious of subjects is to be found wearing an expanse of tweed, a mop of greying hair and an accusatory finger that wags at the smallest risk. I was relieved and impressed…

Liz arrived on the farm to check it out,
To advise on compliance if any doubt.
Risk assessment is her forte,
Whether guards astray or non-compliance-naughty.
There were a few signs that should have been there,
To highlight fragile roofs up in the air.
She saw all the things the schoolchildren see,
And outlined any risks that there could be.
So if your assesments are not up to scratch,
You’d better invite Liz to look over your patch!

Liz is available through the National Farmers Union to assess Health and Safety and can be contacted through the Wellingborough office (01933 303 232). We all wish her the very best when she is married later this month.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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