The Highway Repair Syndrome!


QueueYesterday I was due at an important meeting in a city some miles away. I thought I’d left plenty of time, which I had, until I arrived at a point where I could see my destination. It was then that my progress ground to a halt. The ‘Muck-Up Fairy’ had hitched a lift and arranged a hold-up…

I’m in a Q.U.E.U.E.
No workers can I see!
Damn my rights,
Just traffic lights,
I’m dying for a pee!

The cars now start to move,
Shows a slight improve,
I get to the head,
The lights turn red,
Sod’s Law I can now prove!

I run fast down the stairs,
As if I’m chased by bears,
“Where’s the race?
Red in the face!”
Cancelled meeting unawares!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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