Impersonal Shopping!


Auto CheckoutI went to my local supermarket at just after seven in the morning. When I came to pay for my purchases not a single manned-till was open and for the first time ever I wanted cash-back! So I paid at the self-service tills and retrieved cash from an ATM. During the whole process there was nobody to speak to and the only store-led conversation was when the machine asked for the store-loyalty card I refuse to have…

Something is stirring in the store
Just after seven o’clock
It doesn’t stop for a tea break
It just keeps selling stock!

It doesn’t go home in the evening,
No feet up by the fire,
No kids screaming “what’s for supper?”
No flopping in bed with tire.

It doesn’t take a holiday,
No tanning on the Costa Del Sol.
But it’s never rude to customers,
No checkout till-roll-troll.

Then I stopped in the High Street,
I’d forgotten a loaf of bread.
They were happy, chatty and helpful,
I prefer that shopping instead!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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