In The River!


in the riverIf you ever go boating, take precautions just in case you fall in. Last Saturday I failed to take precautions and dropped into 18ft of water. This was not a necessarily pleasant experience, particularly as I had failed to take basic precautions before walking along the gunwale…

One minute I was pushing off a tree,
next, what was floating? Yes! T’was me.
What saved me from being an underwater sub,
was the safety boat from St Neots Rowing Club!

Stupidity doesn’t always happen in your home,
in my pocket: wallet, keys and my i-Phone.
the fish now have their own hotspot,
while texting, emailing and internetting non-stop!

But when I surfaced the world seemed strange to me,
on the riverbed my glasses, for the fish to see!
In years to come archaeologists will have found,
the signs I was lucky that I hadn’t drowned.

With heartfelt thanks for the prompt actions of those at St Neots Rowing Club.
Also thanks to Alison and all at Royston branch of NFU Mutual Insurance for getting my world back on track with the maximum of speed and minimum of fuss.
If you’re going near water today, stay safe and don’t be a prat like yours-truly!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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