The Last Daffodil


last daffSome years ago I went to visit an old teacher who taught me when I was seven. She was approaching her 105th birthday. She still lived on her own, cooked, cleaned and tended her small rose garden. However she had one complaint about living to such a great age, all her peers and friends had gone…

Pity the last daffodil left standing,
when all the others have died,
May day heat is not a treat,
when you feel lonely inside.

Pity the Centernarian,
who sits all day in a chair,
the wing-back seat no longer a treat,
as life is just not fair.

Make much use of every day,
while you’re still in your prime,
because who knows, the way life goes,
you may regret too much time!

Have a great weekend. May you hear laughter, enjoy good company and feel the warm sun on your back!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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