Intense Calibrations!


Calib1In the movie ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ (trailer, the actor Mark Duplass (playing a time traveller) tells Aubrey Plaza “My calibrations are flippin’ pin-point, OK?” We had to check our calibrations yesterday, not in our DeLorean, but in our more down to earth fertilizer spreader. Some time later all calibrations had been checked and it was time to feed the crops…

It’s feeding time on the farm again!
The crops are growing without refrain!
In order to make the yields even better,
We get out the great big spreader!
Fertilizer is expensive stuff,
So we order just enough!
In order to avoid calculative destructions,
Firstly we read all the instructions!
We fill the spreader with a ton,
Calibration starts the fun!
Calib4Then to the field to amaze,
We’ve put out several trays!
These catch the prills from the speader you see,
Have we spread with accuracy?
Calib3With great relief the spread is correct,
Paperwork will show the spread’s been checked!
All is well and there’s no hitch,
We’ve spread in the field and not in the ditch.
Calib2© Baldock Bard 2014
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