The ‘Invisible’ Mend!


BonkerSon in law John and I went bonking yesterday. We put the post-bonker onto the JCB Loadall and replaced fencing posts down at the car boot sale field. When we returned to the farm I decided to put the bonker away in the shed. Carelessness led to a toppling over: cue some speedy mending…

The Baldock Bard has been a fool,
put the post-bonker through the shed wall.
Son-in-law John looked up to the sky
and asked the Almighty, “Why, oh why?”
Hole1A mend was needed before anyone saw,
The wall was not like it was before!
So with speed we cut a new profile sheet,
And bolted it on – repair complete!
Son-in-law John driven round the bend,
when I said it was an invisible mend!
Hole2© Baldock Bard 2014
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