Is It All Over? It Is Now!


England RecycledAnything with the faintest resemblance to a flag of St George is suddenly in the recycling or remainder bin. Is it too much to hope that its association with a bunch of over-paid, under-achieving, surrender-boys is over? In most parts of this country the sound of ‘En-Ger-Lund, En-Ger-Lund, En-Ger-Lund’ is enough to induce desperation…

“Flags half price! Support your National Team!
You don’t have to be Mancurian or live down in Cheam!
Enjoy your favourite cuppa from an En-Ger-Land mug,
And you’ll be reminded, they went right down the plug!”
England Hat“Hey! Lady, like a hat? Down from two-ninety-nine,
Or a large England glass holds a bottle of wine!
Or one used manager, for just 3.5 million pound,
Like a virgin, never progressed, past the first round!”
England Mugs© Baldock Bard 2014
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