The Agricultural Show-goers!


The ShowgoersThe other day in the blazing sunshine I went to an agricultural show. It is a great place to ‘people watch’ as farmers these days come in all shapes, sizes and by no means all wear tweed! I happened to spot a couple that were not wearing matching agricultural uniform, this lead me to write this…

A young farmer that I know,
Took a girl to an agricultural show.
When she asked him what she should wear,
He said “anything I don’t care!”
When she asked him what she’d see,
He said “plenty, including me!”
“There’ll be cows and bulls, sheep and rams,
Oh! And pigs for quite exquisite hams!
Then there’ll be combine harvesters, tractors and ploughs,
And all sorts of gadgets for milking cows!
There’ll be balers for straw and turners for hay,
Loaders and chasers to cart it away!
But above all else and this is true,
The most important thing there will be you!”

So she spent all day tramping around,
Following his progress on the showground.
As he chatted with reps who explained their machines,
She fumed because she could have worn jeans!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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