It is My Dog’s Fault! (I’m so tired!)


Chip bedI sat in front of Mrs Bard’s computer this morning and my mind went blank. It was a horrible sensation, almost like being weightless (I think!). I couldn’t find anything even mildly inspiring to put onto the blank page so I just let my fingers run and hoped for the best…

I’ve no idea what to say,
I have a blank page here today!
Original ideas I had no end,
My mind’s now blank, none to send!
I look through all I’ve done before,
Like used confetti on the floor.
I search for a picture that is right,
Find one of my dog I took last night!
I was trying at last to get into bed,
When all at once I spied a head,
He looked at me big brown eyes,
“I’m tired too, please sympathise!”
I ended up with knees on my chest,
My sleep last night not the best.
But at least I’m out of this tight hole,
And have a page of hyperbole!
All that’s left is for me to say,
Enjoy yourself and have a good day!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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