Encompass Ride to My Rescue! (Never fear the cavalry’s here!)


MacIn life there are times to compromise and there are times to bite the bullet. It is a well-known fact that over 75% of creative people use, or would like to use, an Apple product of some description. This small offering has been conceived on an iPhone and then birthed on a MacBook Pro. However when misfortune strikes a Mac you have to look further than your neighbour’s spotty teenage son. Often you’ll find he has not enough knowledge to be useful, but just enough to destroy a PC! I am very lucky to have a group of Macxperts just two miles away…

I had a little MacBook,
Nothing would compare,
But a silver iMac,
Or a MacBook Air!

I used it for the boot sales,
I used it for the farm,
I used it for this daily blog
Was just like my right arm!

One day it was working,
The next day it was not,
It had fallen on the floor,
Didn’t survive the four foot drop!

The next door neighbour’s son,
Wouldn’t be going to touch it,
He’d had a go at their PC,
And dropped them in the sh*t!

So I went along to Encompass,
Macxperts, you know,
They configured me a new machine,
Now I find I’m systems ‘Go!’

Encompass can be found at http://encompassuk.com
or at Unit 1, Weston Barns, Weston, Herts, SG4 7AX
Take it from me, they’re great at all things Mac and more!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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