I’ve a Hole in my Wellies!


BootsWe are halfway through January and winter has yet to show its hand. In the last month we have had almost half our annual rainfall. The ditches are full, the fields are saturated and the poor crops are thinking about raising the white flag. Weather forecasters continue to warn of cold fronts which turn out to be mild. Maybe next week…

The ditches around here are filled with water,
January is half gone,
There hasn’t been any really cold weather,
Something must be wrong?

The birds are beginning to think,
That Spring is almost here,
The snowplough still lies undisturbed,
Will we need it this year?

All the old countryside sayings,
About lambs, lions and ducks,
Are so redundant this wintertime,
This global warming sucks!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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