Who Ate All The Pies?


Apple PiesDo you ever have one of those days where time vanishes in front of your very eyes? You look up from your computer screen only to discover that in the five minutes since you sat at your desk, four hours have passed! Yesterday I was ambushed by a gang of bloodthirsty acronyms: VAT, SPS, HLS and their notorious leader PAYE-RTI. I was held hostage until lunchtime when I managed to cut through the ropes using the corner of the desk and escape their stranglehold…

I drove down to Baldock in quite a state,
I was off to the bank and I was quite late,
After the bank I went to a shop,
Where some apple pies told me to stop!
“You can’t leave us to the mercy of others,
They’ve already had our cousins and brothers!”
So in my basket they had to go,
Despite my waistline continuing to grow.
When I got home and back to my screen,
They had vanished, nowhere to be seen!
After a long search all around the house,
I had to resort to blaming a mouse!
So if you are propositioned by an apple pie,
They’re all untrustworthy and likely to lie!

For my readers outside the UK: VAT – Value Added Tax, SPS – Single (farm) Payment Scheme, HLS – Higher Level Stewardship (of the countryside), PAYE-RTI – Pay As You Earn – Real Time Information (online tax scheme for employers). 

© Baldock Bard 2014
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