JCB vs iPhone!


‘Never a borrower nor a lender be,’ according to the old saying. I had left my cell phone in the office and had to make a call in the grain store. I borrowed John’s with disastrous consequences…

“Can I borrow your iPhone?”
I said to John yesterday
I made the call then put it down
Where I could not say!

“Where did you put my iPhone?”
John asked while filling a sack
I couldn’t quite remember
So I tracked my movements back

I had driven the JCB into the barn
When I’d gone to sweep the floor
The iPhone had been in my overalls
I went to look next door

I found the iPhone laying on the floor
With realisation swore
Like an elephant sat on a cupcake
JCB 1 – iPhone nil, was the score!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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