Keeping Trim with Mr McConnell


McConnell 1With the warm wet weather we’ve been having of late the grass is growing like… well, grass! Missing a weeks mowing means more time next week. Many have asked how we keep our large car boot sale field so wonderfully trim. We have a secret weapon, enter stage left Mr McConnell…

Mr McConnell has bat wings,
Mows grass for a living,
People ask what he does,
He’s so very willing!
McConnell 3On arrival at the field,
He gently spreads his wings,
And with help from the tractor,
Starts off mowing things!
McConnell 4Up and down the field he goes,
In his wake the grass surrenders,
And very soon off home he goes,
To relax in front of Eastenders!
McConnell 2It may look to the trained eye that Mr McConnell has left some grass un-mowed. This is done on purpose to aid the sellers to park their vehicles in a nice straight line. Mr McConnell doesn’t mind this as he likes nice straight lines (and a glass of cool beer on a hot day after hours of mowing!).

© Baldock Bard 2014
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