Thirty-Five Years!


H&M                                 A rare photo of Mrs Bard with her Granddaughter!
Thirty-five years ago a nervous young Bridegroom with wet hair stood in a small chapel in South Wales waiting for this bride-to-be. I had not taken much notice of the time and had wandered around the shops in Llanelli looking for a tie to wear! I then had a leisurely bath, having dragged the hotels TV into the bathroom doorway so I could watch Swap Shop! This was followed by hammerings on the door as my Best Man attempted to speed up my leisurely bath in attempt to get me to the chapel on time. As a result when I ‘made my entrance’ it was on all fours as I tripped over a step, with wet dark hair (my hair changes colour as it dries!). My intended was a little late (I think!) despite having been in jeans some ten minutes before the ceremony.
I thought I was the luckiest man on the planet… and I still do. How Mrs Bard has put up with me for all these years, I have no idea. Sometimes she says that she’d have got less if she’d buried me under the patio! However she’s been there, always by my side and today we celebrate thirty-five years since that day when I fell into marriage with wet hair!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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