Kentish Men!


KentMrs Bard and I went away for the weekend to stay with friends who’ve become ‘Kentish Men’. That is the name give to those who live London-side of the Medway River (the others being ‘Men of Kent’ those living to the East of the Medway). Having been brought up by a Man of Kent to believe that Kentish Men lived in suburbia, I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see such beautiful countryside (unfortunately much of it through thick fog)…

We have some friends who’ve moved to Kent,
They live in an area that’s heaven sent!
We’ve never been to that area before,
But if we’re asked we’ll see them some more!
The food was better than a five star hotel,
The wine flowed briskly that night as well!
Then to sleep in a most comfy bed,
(although with slightly spinning head!).
So if you want as good a weekend as you can,
Go and stay with Kentish Man!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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