‘Lilo’ The New Puppy!


LiloSome friends came to stay for the weekend and not only brought their two children and their dog, but also a new puppy. Once the dogs had settled into a temporary pack, they behaved better than either the adults or the children! But Milo (nicknamed ‘Lilo’) was the star of the show…

Milo lies,
Feet in the air,
Say’s “rub my tummy,”
Oh, yes, right there!

Around the garden,
To and fro,
Legs sometimes fail,
And over he go!

No ‘parcels’ left
On the floor,
Only water splashed,
Where he drinks once more!

He seeks forgiveness
For all he’s done,
“I’m really sorry,
Forgive me mum!”

He’s only little,
Easy to train,
But we all say:
He can come again!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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