Stan and the Big Yellow Dinosaur!


Big Yellow DinosaurThe other day I sat in a queue of motorists caused by some major roadworks. I have always been fascinated by the primeval actions of those giant diggers you see in such places. Having occasionally driven one of their smaller brothers, I remain amazed how, even at my very basic level of operator skill, the digging arm becomes an extension of the operators body and thoughts. However watch a professional and the machine comes alive…

Stan drives a big yellow dinosaur
They dig by the side of the road
Lorries queue behind them
Ready to receive a load

He’s an operator on autopilot
His mind is mostly elsewhere
He daydreams of far off countries
Giant machines live there!

They sit together at lunchtime
Packed-lunch is wrapped in foil
Eat fancy thick-grease sandwiches
And drink hydraulic oil!

One day he’ll just go feral
Take off with his machine and roam
They’ll rip their way through the forest
In search of their natural home!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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