Look, Listen and Learn!


Marquee1Yesterday I was taken so far out of my comfort zone that I had to hitch a lift back to reality! I helped a friend put up a marquee (‘Help’ is used in its loosest context here). I had thought that, as a farmer, I could turn my hand to almost anything in a ‘Jack of all trades’ fashion. Well not marquee erecting! I discovered two left hands, two left feet and hearing loss. Even when showed the simplest of tasks, like throwing a weighted bag with a rope attached, I acted like a big girly and the rope went in the wrong direction! It was an object lesson in look, listen and learn…

Noah has his Eighteenth,
I hope it doesn’t rain,
My construction skills are useless,
An Ark is beyond my brain!

A trailer full of pieces,
Looked easy I confess!
Erecting a marquee,
More skill than I possess!

Far out of my comfort zone,
Wearing two left feet,
When I couldn’t throw a rope,
Humiliation was complete!

And when I had been shown,
How things should be done,
My inexperience let me down,
I wasn’t having fun!

Now marquee stands erected,
In the corner of the park,
I pray it doesn’t rain,
I can’t find that last Aardvark!
Marquee2Robert and his marquees can be found at the finest functions in Hertfordshire. Noah and his friends will be found on Saturday night in the marquee celebrating his birthday, ‘A’ Level results and a marquee erecting NVQ! The Bard will be practicing his throwing!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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