The Curse of the Cones!


Cones1Driving down to Baldock yesterday evening I just happened to look along the usually-empty A505 Royston road. One section of the dual-carriageway was coned off and the other was at a standstill. As it was after 5pm I was not surprised to see so much inactivity on the closed off section. I inadvertently became an irritant to the stationary motorists below me by gongoozling from the bridge. Notch up another victory over common sense for ‘Elf and Safety…

Miles and miles of bloody cones!
Everyone’s on their mobile phones,
“Don’t know when we’ll be home for tea,
It’s not my fault, no don’t blame me!”
Where is the workforce to be protected?
Yellow fluorescent, hard hats selected!
Where are the lorries carrying the load?
Where are the machines mending the road?
Where are the managers who on site roam?
It’s five o’clock, everyone’s gone home!
Where is the motorist who frowns as he groans?
Still stuck in the queue looking at cones!
Cones2© Baldock Bard 2013
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