Losing Our Postman Bob!


Postman BobAt a time when the news is filled with stories about the proposed sell-off of Royal Mail we are apparently to lose our postman in a few days time. For our rural community this is far more newsworthy than the pros and cons of public or private ownership. It has been decided by some desk-jockey, sitting as far from customers as is possible, that our Bob is to be removed from this rural round. As far as anyone in the community can tell, he has not transgressed in any way, it is simply the great British middle-management disease of “if it ain’t broke – let’s fix it!” If I were to buy Royal Mail, I would realise that my greatest asset was the men and women who deliver the post, not the vast array of faceless ornaments that sit unseen behind desks. Bob has been the eyes, ears and cheerful daily companion to so many of us in our rural location and we will miss him…

This is our postman, he’s called Bob,
He’s about to change his job.
Management says that he must move,
Don’t care if customers don’t approve.
There is very little that we can do,
So thank you Bob, for being you.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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