Love Actually (Luton Style)!


Arrivals 1Roses are redIf you want to see absolute joy, go to an airport arrivals gate. If you want to see double that joy, do as I did yesterday: Go to an airport arrivals gate on St Valentines Day. In the short time I was there I witnessed enough romantic reunions to be able to say in a Hugh Grant-esque voice: “Love Actually… is… all around!”

She had been sitting in the coffee shop,
That overlooked arrivals,
Just waiting for his plane to stop,
So her heart could start revivals!

She scanned the arrivals list above,
To see if his flight had landed,
And suddenly there was her love,
Just as she had planned it.
Arrivals2She ran across into his arms,
Nothing was going to faze her!
No sense of panic or alarm,
An arrivals sight to savour!
Arrivals 3© Baldock Bard 2013

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