The man who ate time!


Clock DinnerHow many of you have ever complained about the passing of time? I know that I’ve used the unseen passing of time as an excuse for being late on occasions. Of all the verse I’ve written over the years, the ones I like the most have a large percentage of stupidity in them. I wrote this while considering the passing of time. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it…

A man I knew,
Ate a clock,
His only comment:
“Tick tock tick tock!”
When he was cross,
An angry pup,
His mum would say:
“You’re so wound up!”

Played rugby,
In the snow,
His position?
Second row!
He was ill,
Went to the Doc,
His stomach full,
“Eight O’clock!”

He bought a car,
In the Strand,
Wasn’t new:
Was second-hand!
At a bedside,
Sobbed non-stop,
Elderly relative:
Grandfather crock!

He took a girl,
On a date,
Didn’t last,
Five minutes late!
At the altar,
With his bride,
Time was not,
On his side!
At the divorce,
Things not fine,
She complained he,
Never gave her time!

Every hour,
Every day,
He would strike,
For better pay!
In the mornings,
On the farm,
Used to wake,
With alarm!

At the airport,
Bomb-disposal boys,
Someone reported,
A ticking noise!
In the street,
Been drinking scotch,
Passers by,
Didn’t stop to watch!

Went to a party,
Drank too much wine,
Tombstone reads:
Ran Out of Time!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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