Magazine Titles!


I went into a branch of a large newsagent this morning. While queuing up to pay I was astounded by the number of magazines on offer and the vast range of interests they catered for. As a simple farmer I am used to the range of farming-related magazines but nothing could prepare me for the numbers available for bus and coach ‘enthusiasts’, railway modelers or classic car collectors. Maybe you have been equally astounded and could recommend the most unusual magazine you’ve ever seen…

I was looking at magazines
In the newsagents shop,
From renovating a tractor,
To how to sail a yacht.

I wondered to myself,
Who ever buys these titles,
From jumping with your horse,
To shooting with long rifles.

How many people keep,
A bus in their back yard,
Can off-roading with a 4×4,
Really be that hard?

Suddenly I found myself
Engaging with these books
And when I looked around the shop
I was attracting dirty looks

I thought my best defence
Was to grab a magazine
When I went up to pay
I’d picked ‘Naked Ladies Scene!’

© Baldock Bard
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