A Toyota Called Edna!


Edna shows off her sleek lines under the blossom in a pseudo-geisha pose!

Mrs Baldock Bard’s Aunt Edna left her a old Toyota Corolla when she died. Naturally we called the car Edna. At the time the car was about 14 years old and still hadn’t passed 20,000 miles! While others may laugh, we accept that she is part of our odd-ball family…

Edna is a Toyota,
Some say she’s just a car,
Other’s say, that she’s OK,
And treat her like a star!

Her first owner, a doctor,
In Burnham-on-Sea (down West),
Bought her new, now twenty-two,
She’s still not past her best!

Her blue-rinse colour is fading,
Her wipers just one speed,
On her rear, some rust is near,
We call it, ‘her patch of tweed’!

She now lives in the country,
She finds the cities ‘gross’,
On the farm, toots with alarm,
When tractors come too close!

Her thirteen hundred engine,
As frugal as a miser,
On a sunny day, she gets carried away,
(We forgive the broken visor!)

Edna’s part of the family,
Journey’s take a while,
Some for cover dive, when we arrive,
Others greet us with a smile!

So if you’re in your expensive car,
And you see a flash of blue,
Don’t you worry, Edna’s in a hurry,
And boy, the jokes on you!

© Baldock Bard
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