March – In Like a Lamb!


LambMarch started off warm and dry, quite a change from the ultra-wet preceding months. There is an old saying that if March starts off warm, we all end up paying for it with bad weather at the end of the month. Yesterday we had a school party from North London. When they arrived it was chilly and dry, by the time they left it was a very different story…
FollowThe children arrived from Camden by bus,
It was a little chilly, but they made no fuss!
We showed them in the shed, what we grown on the farm,
Then said, ‘we’ll go outside,’ still no sign of alarm!
We walked through the woods looking for deer,
Dissected an owl’s pellet, still no rain near.
Then back to the barn, rather cold to have lunch,
A slightly worn-out, but still happy bunch!
Then out to the field for a large run-about,
Down came the hail, with no warning shout!
Dolly + ChThen off to see Dolly, the resident horse,
Who looked at the throng, “Ah! children, of course!”
Then to the tractor and see chicks on the floor,
Alas the heavens opened, it started to pour!
We waved the coach off, down the A10,
Just as the heavens opened, yes, raining again!
Blizzard2Then it turned to snow, blizzarding hard,
We ran to the shed from the open yard!
According to a man I know who’s called Ryan,
March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion!
Bizzard© Baldock Bard 2014
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