The Message I Left on Your Phone…!


Old PhoneIt’s Friday again and my brain has entered ‘the weekend phase!’ Despite having been warned many times that it can lead to no good, concentration levels on this final day of the working week are unsustainable. I have done all I can do to fight this unfortunate state of affairs to no avail. So this one’s for all of you having a similar problem at work this morning…

I rang and you were out,
so I left a message.
On it I said I was ringing because…
at that moment,
I was interrupted,
by the dogs barking because,
somebody was at the door.

I went to the door,
it was a delivery,
but not for me as,
flowers are not really my thing,
and my name isn’t Sandra!
So I shut the door and
was about to put the kettle on,
when I was interrupted…
by a shout from upstairs.

I ran upstairs until I remembered,
that I was alone in the house,
and dogs bark not shout.
I was just coming back down,
when I heard…
the sound of the phone
ringing loudly
but where had I left it?

as I came down the stairs
a large chasm
opened up,
just by the lowest step.
I had to jump for my life,
and I fell
out of bed!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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