Matt’s Big Meal Out!


Place settingYesterday was friend Matt’s birthday and wife Hazel was wondering where to take him for a special treat. In the end she decided to give him the option, leading to a choice nobody expected…

Matt has a birthday,
He has one each year,
I think he’s getting taller,
It’s how it would appear!
Now Matt is a handyman,
No job is too small,
He’s useful for those ‘reaching’ jobs,
Because he is so tall!
Hazel, on his birthday,
Offered him eats and fun,
He turned it down for a burger,
At McDonalds on the A1!

Happy Birthday Matt!
(Matt helps people with their homes in Cambs, Beds and Herts and can be found on 07725 007 454)

© Baldock Bard 2013
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