Youth These Days!


Summer HeatDo you remember when the summers were warmer, the grass was greener and the days were brighter? I bet they weren’t as warm as now! How many of you remember jumping into water to cool down? Global warming is back and you won’t find me complaining (I did enough of that when the days were cold, wet and dreary in June!). I stopped for a cool glass of shandy beside the river yesterday and watched youngsters doing what they have down the ages and it was good to see that no ‘elf and safety busybodies were stopping them. ‘Vivre Le Youth’…

The miserable old man said:
They shouldn’t be allowed to have such fun,
They should be in a gym or out on a run!
It wasn’t at all like that in my day,
Everyone was happy, bright and gay!
The summers were times of sea and sand,
Except for rationing you just did as planned,
I don’t know how the world’s gone down the drain
What they need is discipline and a shower of rain!

The young said nothing,
but continued to have fun
Enjoying being youthful
In the summer sun!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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