May you live in interesting times!


Cup Shock!It is alleged that Confucius said ‘May you live in interesting times.’ Nobody said whether this was a threat or a promise! Last night Mrs Bard and I changed TV channel just in time to see Germany score a World Cup goal against Brazil. Ten minutes later, having watched a further four hit the back of the Brazilian net, we sat open-mouthed and stunned. How many of you checked the score this morning to check you hadn’t been dreaming…

Brazil one, Germany seven,
(Could very well have been eleven!)
“May you live in interesting times!”
Disbelief can disrupt sometimes.
The shock defeat of the age,
Will footballers go back to minimum wage?
Will everything we know be different now?
Leave us shocked and wondering how.
Will politicians start to tell the truth
And everything work via Bluetooth?
Will traffic wardens forget to fine,
Supermarkets saying: “pay next time!”
Who knows what the future might bring,
We may even see Charles as King?
Thoughts of change makes me feel ill,
What if England could beat Brazil?

© Baldock Bard 2014
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