Merry Hay Making (part 2)!


Hay making can sometimes be less than successful. While my recent attempts at hay-making may have been a success with a trailer-load of dry bales in the barn, the story had been heavily edited. Only triumph had been documented …

You may recall the other day
I was bold and made some hay
What I neglected then to tell
The last of the fields didn’t go well
The grass wasn’t ready, not quite fit
And recent rain turned it to sh*t
We rowed up the stuff into one row
With an old hay-turner from the hedgerow!
Then forked the muck into the forklift bucket
It started to rain and we said “f*ck it!”
So instead of any congratulatory talk
John and the Bard had to grab a fork!
Took the bucket-loads to the back of the farm
Where it will rot down and do no harm
You wouldn’t be hearing about this fail
If I hadn’t trumpeted that successful tale!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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