Miss Martin My Harvest Companion!


Moisture MeterThis time of year I have a constant companion. We meet out in fields of wheat and beans away from prying eyes. I know just which buttons to press and she responds with sweet numbers! Yesterday I managed to score a sweet seventeen, but it was not what I desired…

Out in the fields we meet,
Miss Moisture Meter and me,
she grinds up beans and wheat,
will we continue harvest before tea?

I hold her in my arms,
I know which buttons to press,
she unveils some secret numbers,
I hope will lead to success!

Suddenly she became spiteful,
moisture too wet by far,

my wife asked, “Where’s your friend?”
I’d left her in the car!

In order to store grain it needs to be around 14% moisture and cooler than 20 degrees. The latter is easy to achieve this year, but the former only achieved by using expensive drying. Unfortunately the value is what we were used to in the 1980’s.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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