Nirvana for a Farmer!


Coffee CakeIs there a food that when you eat it, peace reigneth in your world despite what is happening around you? For me it’s coffee cake, no matter if it’s tipping down with rain on fields of ready-to-be-harvested wheat, give me a coffee cake and my woes are forgotten! My daughter’s father-in-law’s partner, Jill, has a special place in my heart. Knowing full well the weaknesses of man (in this case me!), she brings me a special treat when she comes to visit…

Jill has baked a coffee cake,
it’s so delicious for heaven’s sake.
The centre is so warm and fluffy,
like a kitten or furry puppy!
The filling is sublime and sweet,
enough to make a hummingbird tweet.
The topping, oh, such joy surpass,
that I always leave it ‘till last.
My senses are prepared for take-off,
Jill always wins my Coffee Cake Bake-off!

The weather may preclude harvesting but that’s just too bad, I’m indoors eating coffee cake! Thank you Jill!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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