Mobile Mayhem!


BootphoneThis has been not a great week for mobile phones. The much-heralded i-phone 6 has been found to bend into another shape, lose signal and not respond to upgrades. My ordinary mobile that I keep for the car boot sale enquiries has also been playing up and I feared for its future…

I have an ordinary mobile phone,
That I keep for the bootsale.
I also find it useful,
Should my i-phone ever fail!
This week I found it had a fault,
As no calls were received,
Just messages from a week ago,
Which left me most aggrieved!
This morning in a fit of pique,
I turned the damn thing off,
I turned it on from frozen,
And woke it with a cough!
So narrowly has it avoided the bin,
In the nick of time,
That I promise to treat it better,
Until of course next time!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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