The Magic Shop!


The FakeryThe other day in Fortuneswell, on the Island of Portland in Dorset, I came across an interesting shop window. I was instantly hooked and marveled at the clever artistry. The further I looked into the shop, the more I wanted to buy…

There’s a magic shop down Dorset way,
Will sell strange items if you pay.
They’ve got great big buckets of steam,
And chocolate tea pots fit for a Queen!
Cordless extension-leads for your DIY,
And tartan paint to confuse the eye!
They’ve large sky-hooks to lift trees and logs,
And elbow grease for the toughest jobs!
There are strong glass hammers to crack a nut,
Dyson hoover bags remove any muck!
Best of all to avoid all scandals,
Top of the window Ronnie Barker’s Fork Handles!

Thank-you to the artist for making me stare in wonder and want to buy.
If Carlsberg painted shopfronts…

© Baldock Bard 2014
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