Movember Matteo!


This morning I overslept and missed my self-imposed deadline. I also suffered another failing; what was I going to write about, how long would it take and would it sink far enough down to the normal level of skillful writing? I sat down with a blank screen and mind to work without even a coffee to bolster my spirits…

Woke up this morning I was late,
The clock on the wall read nearly eight.
I grabbed a shirt from the drawer,
An arm ripped off onto the floor!
I rushed downstairs to let the dogs out,
Fell over my shoes, did I shout.
Made a coffee in a favourite cup,
From the floor had to clear it up!
Looked at the news from every nation,
And onto Facebook for inspiration!
There was a picture of a friend,
Matteo seemed to be setting a trend.
The hair that should be upon his head,
Had slipped around his mouth instead!
But I suppose we ought to remember,
We’re now in the month of Movember!
Wife Hazel seems a little upset
While he’s asleep, a razor get?
So here’s to Matteo and Hazel too,
I’d delete that picture if I were you!

Well done Matteo for having the courage that I lack (at least your facial hair is dark whereas I’d look like an aged and demented Father Christmas!)

© Baldock Bard 2012
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